Take action

Help fight this project by joining your neighbors. You can do this by volunteering, going to Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings, writing letters, writing comments to articles and opinions in the Napa Register, and by donating.

What can you do?

Spread the word

Who do you know that supports our mission? Help us recruit others and reach our goals even faster. Contact us for materials and resources.

Join us at rallies. These make a huge difference in creating awareness. We will post event dates here and on our Facebook page.

Volunteer time

This effort began with a handful of people. The work that must be done will require more people with more and varied talents. Come to meetings, write blogs, talk to your neighbors, lend your expertise, and make connections.
Contact us to lend your support, give us feedback, or find out how to get involved. We always welcome help in spreading the word and there are many ways to help.


Lawyers and experts are very expensive. Unfortunately, in the battles that must be fought, lawyers and experts are absolutely necessary. No one in DENW receives anything for their service. The money raised pays for necessary operational expenses such as postage, printing, and the like. All the rest of the funds raised are used for the lawyers and experts that are critical to success. Go to our Donate page to contribute online, or contact us for other options. You can also buy olive oil that was donated to contribute to this fight.

Educate yourself

All documents formally filed with Napa County are posted here: www.countyofnapa.org/PBES/WaltRanch.
These include the original DEIR, all letters, and formal legal responses.

Napa Valley Register website: Many articles and letters with extensive conversations in the comments are available via the archives. Search for Walt Ranch, or start with this list (this list is borrowed from Bill Hocker’s excellent SodaCanyonRoad.org website, on their Walt Ranch page):

Jerry Cohn LTE 5/31/16: Who is accountable if they’re wrong?
Pettigrew LTE 4/16/16: Death by a thousand cuts
NVR 4/4/16: Decision on Walt Ranch expected June 13
NVR 4/2/16: Walt Ranch heads to Monday showdown
NVR 3/16/16: Caltrans seeking fix for collapsed section of Highway 121
NVR 3/13/16: EIR for Walt Ranch addresses water runoff, tree loss
When is enough enough?
Reconsider new vineyard on Atlas Peak
Development will affect county’s balance of nature
Craig Hall responds to Walt Ranch critics
Public sessions planned for controversial Walt Ranch vineyard proposal
Walt Ranch: Too Much
What Then, is Napa County?
Walt Ranch neighbors want to meet
Halt Walt and beyond
County to host meeting on Walt Ranch report
Walt Ranch: Not the way to go
Development affects wildlife habitats
Walt Ranch would do aesthetic harm
Walt Ranch will destroy Circle Oaks
Walt Ranch will destroy natural treasure
Walt Ranch opponents deliver petition
Circle Oaks fills role as Napa niche community
Will Walt Ranch hurt groundwater supply?
Napa fears Walt Ranch could hurt city reservoir
Walt Ranch should concern everyone