The rural neighborhood community of Circle Oaks is not suitable for commercial traffic. Imposing this use upon the community creates a very real safety risk for the residents, and detracts from the desirability of the neighborhood and the quality of life of its residents.

  • Circle Oaks community was designed as “no outlet” neighborhood, with steep and winding roads (in many cases with poor visibility) which are not suitable for through traffic to a commercial agricultural site which will employ dozens of off-site employees. This will result in scores of extra vehicles entering and exiting this rural community at, or near the same time, as our neighborhood school children are walking to the bus stop along roads without sidewalks.
  • The roads within the community of Circle Oaks lack sidewalks, except for a vary small portion of Country Club Lane. The lack of sidewalks for use by residents, coupled with dramatic elevation changes on the roads, pose a substantial risk to pedestrians, pets and wildlife. Concerns about pedestrian safety will be significantly impacted by increased traffic including heavily-laden vehicles hauling construction equipment and later grape harvests from the project site.
  • “S” curve on Circle Oaks Drive. [Photograph courtesy of Ron Tamarisk]

    “S” curve on Circle Oaks Drive. [Photograph courtesy of Ron Tamarisk]

    Circle Oaks Drive rises in elevation from the entrance of Circle Oaks (at about 800’) to its end (near entrance to Walt Ranch property) with an elevation of about 1500’. About midway from the entrance, is an “S” curve on Circle Oaks Drive — an 18% grade on a blind curve, which fails to meet existing design criteria established by the Napa County Road and Standards (2016 Rev, pg. 13).
  • There are significant concerns about whether heavily-laden vehicles will be able to stop when reaction perception time is factored into a perceived road hazard (i.e. human pedestrian, wildlife in the roadway and other similar hazards requiring the vehicle to stop quickly). Project proponents propose installation of signage alongside roadways in Circle Oaks as mitigation for concerns about pedestrian safety within the community.
  • The Walt Ranch Project Proponents have refused to consider using an alternate access off of SR 121 which would entirely avoid any further damage to the poorly-maintained roads within Circle Oaks.