A brief update on the status of the Walt Ranch project as of August 4, 2016:

The planning commissioner released his revised, approved final plan. It is very long and complicated. The Circle Oaks Homeowners Association (COHA), the Circle Oaks Water Board (COCWD), legal advisors, and a number of other concerned groups are all combing through it to see what it really means for us.

The Walt Ranch sent out a letter to the community last week that made a number of claims that need to substantiated. The letter’s statements are being compared to the final plan and evaluated for accuracy and how they are to be implemented. Of course the devil will be in the details.

It does appear to be true that the construction traffic will be rerouted to 121 and will not come through Circle Oaks. Whether this will also apply to vineyard work traffic post-construction is currently unclear. There is some reduction in the number of acres that are to be planted, and consequently in water usage.

COHA will provide more detailed information on what the approved plan means when they finish reviewing it in the next week or so. An appeal to the Board of Supervisors will go forward in any case, in order to make sure that our water quantity and quality are protected, and that our other concerns are addressed in a way that can be monitored and enforced.

Real progress appears to have been made in affecting the scale and impact of the project so far. Congratulations are in order to all of you who have been supporting community efforts to protect our properties and our local environment. The protests have been effective, too. Yay, everyone!

You will hear more soon! Please contact us at denwinfo@gmail.com if you have questions.

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