oil3You can support our mission by purchasing a bottle of olive oil which was donated by the Olive Oil Factory, Fairfield, California. This olive oil was exclusively bottled and donated to DENW. 100% of the proceeds from the sales will be used to fund our education programs to prevent irreversible damage to our environment–impacts to our water supply, wildlife, traffic, and the quality of life that defines Napa County.

This oil was hand selected from 86-year-old olive trees located in the gentle sloping hills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It makes a perfect gift and shows that you care about protecting our watersheds.

A little history about the oil: Extraction really begins with determining the proper moment for harvest. We monitor the weather, anticipate its effect on the ripening of the olives and track the development of sugar and oil content within the olives over the course of the autumn and early winter. Each combination of location and variety has its particular moment of optimum ripeness, and experience indicates when each variety will yield its most mature, and most characteristic, flavors and aromas. These Arbequina Olives were left to mature until their peak of ripeness to maximize the floral notes and soft finish. This oil is perfect for finishing fine meats, seafood and poultry or vegetables. It mixes well with any vinegar/garlic/Dijon mustard and spices to create a zesty salad dressing.

This oil (15.6 Fl. Oz) is a kitchen staple and the handsome bottle can be refilled with your favorite olive oil, balsamic vinegar or cooking wine to keep forever.

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