We invite the general public to join us for the public section of the June 11th healing walk, which will cover a stretch of approximately 3 miles, from Yount Mill Road near Mustard’s Grill Restaurant, to Veteran’s Park at the south end of the City of Yountville. Please gather at Yountville Veterans Memorial Park at 11:30 am to be shuttled to the Yount Mill Road location by our transportation crew. Due to Cal-Trans safety restriction, the full length of the St. Helena to Yount Mill stretch is limited to 10 pre-selected walkers. From there on, Yount Mill Road to Veterans Memorial Park is open to the public.

Our mission: The Healing Walk is a peaceful pilgrimage along the length of the Napa Valley, rooted in the indigenous philosophy of invoking sacred space to heal the land and its people where damage has been done. The walk is interfaith, intergenerational, and intercultural, with the goal of cultivating appreciation and respect for Napa Valley’s watersheds and wildlife, and supporting policy changes that ensure their protection.

Find out more: www.healingwalknapavalley.wordpress.com


Healing Walk Napa Valley