Hall Brambletree and the Halls

Craig and Kathryn Hall have publicly stated that they are the sole owners of the Walt Ranch Property. However, according to property ownership records on file with the County of Napa Recorder’s Office, all 35 parcels which comprise the 2,300 Walt Ranch Property are owned by Hall-Brambletree and Associates.

  • Records of the Office of the Secretary of State do not reveal that Craig and Kathryn Hall have any relationship to Hall-Brambletree, L.P. of Frisco, Texas.

Entity Number: 200434900007
Date Filed: 12/13/2004
Status: ACTIVE
Jurisdiction: TEXAS
Entity Address: 6801 GAYLORD PKWY STE 100
Entity City, State, Zip: FRISCO TX 75034
Agent for Service of Process: CHARLES W. MEIBEYER
Agent Address: 1236 SPRING ST
Agent City, State, Zip: ST. HELENA CA 94574
–As excerpted from http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/ [search parameters: Hall Brambletree Associates L.P., May 24, 2016]

  • There has been no proof that the owners of the Walt Ranch property are in fact Craig and Kathryn Hall, other than their statements at various public gatherings. Research has revealed that the Halls are involved in a multitude of business entities where they are either are named as partners, limited partners, or presumed silent partners. For example, initial reports for this project were addressed to Hall Wines LLC, the project applicant is Hall-Brambletree Associates, LP, the property adjacent to the Walt Ranch on Atlas Peak Road is owned by Hall-Michigan. (See comment letter by Dan Mufson, dated November 19, 2014).
  • Subsequent to the filing of the initial application by Hall-Brambletree Associates, Craig and Kathryn Hall have both denied that there are any current or long term plans to potentially develop the individual parcels into 35 Vineyard-Style Ranchettes. Hall Financial, another entity in which the Hall’s have an ownership interest, have already purchased and are in the process of converting a 424-acre property located at 2457 Wilson Road in Geyserville, California, into vineyard style ranchettes. See comment letter by Leonore and Jim Wilson, dated November 20, 2014.
  • The FEIR states that there will be a multitude of mitigations and requirements imposed upon Hall Brambletree in order to proceed with this vineyard conversion project which are designed to protect the environment, nearby residents as well as other affected residents in the Napa Valley who depend on the MST (Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay) aquifer and Lake Hennessey for water needs.
  • When Craig and Kathryn Hall fully develop the Walt Ranch Property (assuming that the County of Napa approves this project in some form), and the 35 parcels are eventually sold off as part of a larger for profit real estate development scheme, will the new property owners be responsible to comply with the requirements which may now be imposed upon the Hall-Brambletree Associates and/or Craig and Kathryn Hall?
  • Can the County of Napa be depended upon to enforce the provisions within the FEIR, CEQA, the MMRP, and any other requirements imposed as a condition of approving this Project to protect residents of the Napa Valley impacted by this development?

Who will be responsible, in the long term, to monitor and enforce the provisions within the FEIR, CEQA, the MMRP, and any other requirements imposed as a condition of approving this Project to protect the environment from potential devastating effects from this the Walt Ranch Vineyard Conversion Project?